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Welcome to Chengdu Xinwujie Photoelectric Technology co. LTD !


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We Sculpt the Future with Laser
About Company
Professional Manufacturer of Solid State Lasers

       Chengdu Lasercreate Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in Chengdu, Sichuan in 2013. With Civil-Military Integration as our development strategy, our products are widely used in Autopilot Control, precision Machining, scientific research, as well as, military laser navigation and laser jamming.

      Our projects, such as laser illuminators and long-range laser range finder are developing rapidly especially for the military industry.

      Product advantagesOur products are all installed and sealed in 10000-class Cleaning Room, according to the GJB standard, we have put them through some reliability tests such as high and low temperature test, impact and vibration test, and road transportation simulation test, these are carried out to ensure the long-term stability of products in various complex environments.

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Solid state laser professional manufacturer
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We use lasers to sculpt the future
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